December 6, 2015 — The North Face Endurance Challenge — Memories

Today was the second and last day of our most recent venture into the Marin Headlands for the annual trip to the North Face Endurance Challenge. The weather wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible. It was a bit misty, and almost started to rain, and the ground was wet, but we didn’t get real rain.

We’ve been going to this event since it was launched in 2007 or maybe the second year in 2008. The first time we raced they had the distances all wrong — my half marathon was 14.85 miles (recorded on 4 separate GPS units in tnf2015_selfiethe group I was running with). Maria and Joyce did the 50k and that was several miles longer than 50k. Diane did the 50 miler.


This was the first year I ran the 10k. I usually run in the half-marathon race or my own route on those years I didn’t sign up for it. Last year was 4 months after I broke my collarbone and a good part of the run was extremely painful, though that didn’t start until the descent into Tennessee valley after the first major climb of the half marathon course. I ended up skipping the bluffs loop and took a shortcut back along Bobcat trail — still was around 9 miles.

Most of the group ran unofficial and started early – 7:30AM. Too early for my blood. This year I was signed up for the 10K race, which starts at 9:00AM. I ran it in 1:20, which for this course wasn’t too bad. Nor was the fact I haven’t run more than 3 miles since early Spring. Nonetheless, I felt pretty well afterwards. Much better than the usual half-marathon post-race limping.


When I got hope later in the afternoon, I felt really tired, and I ended up taking a nap for a few hours.

This year our group included: Carmen, Joyce, Deanna, Nancy, Diane, Maria, Cynthia, Krista, Jim, David, Rick and myself.

The ladies went shopping on the drive up on Saturday (yesterday)

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